Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Favorite {finished}

This next project is by far my favorite!  Okay, between the blue desk and this I guess it's not hard to pick favorites, but I just really love how this turned out!
Here's how it all began...remember, this is a blog so I will blab when I want to.
Saturday mornings at my house are usually pretty early.  The boys are so used to waking up early.  I consider myself pretty lucky the mornings I get to sleep 'till 7 a.m.  So usually we'll all get ready and go out the door lookin' for stuff to do.  We were wanting to go browse around thrift stores, but nothing is open until like 10 a.m.!  We were headin' on home down Princess Anne Street when I spotted a man unloading stuff onto the curb outside his thrift shop. 

We parked.  We asked if he was open.

He wasn't.  He said we could look around though.

I walked into the store and immediately spotted her.  She had crap sitting on top.  It looked like the store owners were using her.  I wanted to inquire but the man was preoccupied. 

I wanted to look around more, but Thing 1 and Thing 2 would not have it.  They don't do so well when we go anywhere and this occasion was no exception.

Sadly, we had to leave. Empty handed.

I thought about her all week long.  I wondered if any one else had snatched her up.  I was sure she was gone.

The next Saturday, I snuck over to that thrift shop when I was supposed to be coming home from a baby shower.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw her!  Still there!  I immediately inquired as to what this beauty would cost.  In my head, I figured $30 was my limit but my heart told me to stop at no limit! 

$20 bucks.

Yep, $20.  And the guy started muttering about how it was worth like $300 or something.

He let it go for $20.  I didn't even haggle. 

So, I took her home and dragged her out to the back deck.  I immediately got to work cleaning, removing hardware and gathering supplies.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 helped clean her up.  Toothbrushes and all.  This was serious business.  She smelled funky and there was no way she could ever come inside in that condition!

While the cabinet was drying, I sat in front of the TV and sanded all the hardware.
Middle one is done.
Next, priming.  Remember to shake the can for like 3 minutes first!

I went bold with the paint and chose Krylon's Cherry Red.  I was a little anxious about it, too.

If you ever spray paint anything with Cherry Red, be prepared to buy more cans and do several coats! 

Here's what she looked like all painted...

Yikes!  That is BRIGHT!  And the carved details are totally lost.  Soooooo I glazed it. 

I LOVE it!!  And do you love the hardware!?  Spray painted it in Rustoleum's Hammered. 

Wait!  She's not done yet!

My favorite part:

The fabric I bought from the quilting fabric section.  It's actually much wider than the standard 42", but it's also much thicker.  I glued it in with tacky glue. 

So, this little project probably cost me like $30 for all the paint and supplies.  Total cost:  $50.  I have seen similar pieces of furniture like this at Kirkland's and they cost like $250-$300 brand new.

I think I got a pretty good deal. 

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